For 75 years, Ventura Pacific Company has been a premier grower and packer of California lemons. Ventura Pacific Company began in 1942 in Montalvo, California. During the 1970’s, the organization was purchased by growers and became the thriving cooperative it is today. Also during that time, Ventura Pacific Company began marketing their fruit through Sunkist and continues to do so today.

Ventura Pacific Company members grow in Ventura County, the San Joaquin Valley and California desert regions. Headquartered in Oxnard, California, we operate out of two facilities; one facility in Oxnard totaling more than 220,000 square feet and one 70,000 square foot storage facility in Montalvo.

Boasting a culture dedicated to serving our grower members, Ventura Pacific operates year-round and enjoys the loyalty of many long-tenured employees. Grower members are progressive and offer perspectives from diverse business backgrounds. We produce the highest quality lemons and have enjoyed returns that exceed industry norms.

Our mission is simple:  to be the industry leader in grower returns, every season.

P.O. Box 6986
245 E. Colonia Road
Oxnard, CA 93031

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